Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides multiple options for parking lots. RNO holds a 3-level parking structure for 1,900 vehicles in both Short-term and Lon-term parking spaces. Approximately 1,100 of those areas are covered parking garages. The parking area is located across from the passenger terminal building. The facility is available 24-hours a day. Payments through Cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

RNO Short-term Parking

Parking at short-term lot costs 1$ for the first 30 minutes; the first hour 2$, and the daily maximum rate is 24$ each day. There is a height restriction for some types of vehicles. Oversized vehicles that are more than 7'7" and occupy more than one space will be charged with extra payment.

RNO Long-term Parking

Parking at the long-term lot for the first 30 minutes will cost 1$, while the first one hour costs 2$. The daily maximum rate is 14$ per day. There is a height restriction for some vehicles, which are more than 8'2". In case of detecting oversized vehicles occupying other spaces too, the driver will be charged with extra fees.

RNO Long-term Surface Lot

Another option for parking at RNO is Long-term Surface Lot. The same rates are for 30 minutes of parking (1$) and one-hour parking (2$). The daily maximum rate is 10$. Long-term Surface Lot accommodates oversized vehicles, and there is no height restriction.

RNO Motorcycle Parking

Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides parking space for passengers with motorcycles. Parking is free. It can be parked inside the parking garage, in the designated motorcycle parking area. From the Parking Structure entrance, on the right side, passengers can find the parking space.

RNO Bicycle Parking

RNO provides Bicycle racks for passengers with bikes. There are two locations available: the first option is the 1stfloor of the parking garage, in the south-west corner, near Motorcycle Parking.

Another is accessible outside of Door D, at the north end of the Baggage Claim area.

RNO Cell Phone Waiting Lot

RNO Airport provides a free parking service for customers who have to pick-up the arriving passengers from the airport. The driver must remain in the vehicle during the waiting time until he/she receives a pick-up call. The cell phone lot is located on National Guard Way.



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